Parking Practice Notes

These technical papers are produced by parking professionals for a non-technical audience and are free to BPA members.

Parking Practice Notes can be accessed through the BPA Library and are available for free to all current BPA members (log in required).

If you are not a current member of the BPA and would like to access one of our Parking Practice Notes please contact Kathryn


A list of all published titles can be seen below:

PPN 1 - Charging for Parking

PPN 2 - Park and Ride

PPN 3 - Pay on Foot or Pay and Display

PPN 6 - Life-Care Plan for Parking Structures

PPN 7 - Data Protection in Parking Enforcement

PPN 11 - Traffic Regulation Orders and Parking

PPN 12 - CCTV for Parking Facilities

PPN 13 - Rural Car Park Crime

PPN 15 - Yielding Benefits from Documents Outsourcing

PPN 17 - Asset Management and Maintenance of Parking Structure

PPN 18 - Conflict Management in Parking Enforcement

PPN 19 - Nuisance Vehicles

PPN 20 - Blue is the Colour, Parking is the Game

PPN 21 - Enforcing Driveaways

PPN 22 - The Use of Digital Cameras

PPN 23 - Observation and Grace Periods

PPN 25 - Blue is the Colour, Parking is the Game

PPN 26 - Pay on Foot Guidance Note

PPN 27 - Procurement Guidelines for Phone Parking

PPN 29 - Specification and Use of Liquid Applied Car Park Deck Systems - A Code of Practice

PPN 30 - Liability For Car Park Maintenance

PPN 31 - Technology in the Parking Industry

PPN 32 - Coach Parking Facilities

PPN 33 - Procurement and management of effective Bailiff services

PPN 35 - Winter Maintenance