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Previous issues 2021:

PNFeb21 Cover small

February 2021

Blue-sky thinking

Cleaning up the UK's urban airways, helping the sector recover and planning for the future



Previous issues 2020:

PN Dec 2020 Cover small

December 2020

At the sharp end

The public's prickly relationship with parking softened during the pandemic - but can understaning now blossom? 

PN Nov20 Cover Small

November 2020

Weathering the storm

Coping with Covid and planning for a post-pandemic world

PN Oct20 Cover Small

October 2020

On the horizon

From smart cities to pavement parking bans, what does the future have in store?

PN Sep20 pp01 Cover Small

September 2020

Brave new world

Find out what the future has in store ay the BPA's virtual annual conference

 PN Aug20 Cover Small

 August 2020

Stepping out

How Park Active is helping breathe new life into town centres as lockdown lifts

PN Jul20 Cover small in frame

July 2020

Kindness continued

Parking's role in building back better

 PN Jun20 Cover Small

 June 2020

Facing the changes

How our sector is adapting to life and building resilence in the Covid-19 crisis

PN May20 Cover Small

May 2020

Community Response

How members are supporting key workers, residents and each other during the Covid-19 lockdown 

 PN Apr20 Cover Small

 April 2020

Central Park

How parking can help revitalise our high streets once coronavirus has passed

PN Mar20 Cover Small

March 2020

Clear Vision

Parking's role in reducing air pollution and creating a sustainable future

PN Feb20 Cover Small

February 2020

Easing the pain?

The impact of Government place to remodel hospital parking charges




Previous issues 2019: 

PN Dec19 Cover Small

December 2019

Going the distance

Rethinking our relationship with last-mile travel

PN Nov19 Cover Small

November 2019

Charging ahead

Are you ready to take on the EV opportuities and challenges?

PN Oct19 Cover Small

October 2019

Global approach 

Can social values charters create a better world? 

PN Sep19 Cover Small

September 2019

Branching out

Climbing the parking ladder: what support is on offer?

PNAugust19 Cover Small

August 2019

The right path

What is the best wayto solve the UK's pavement parking conundrum?

PNJuly19 Cover small

July 2019

Cashing out

Paying for parking: have notes and coins had their day? 

PNJune19  Cover Small

 June 2019

The final frontier

Changing the public face of enforcement

PNMay19 CoverSmall

May 2019

Reclaim the streets

How parking can help cites of the future clean up their act

 PNApril19 CoverSmall

 April 2019

"Today is a great day for drivers and the wider parking industry"

Rishi Sunak MP on the Parking (Code of Practice) Act 2019

PNMar19 Cover Small

 March 2019

Going Global

In pursuit of common data standards

 PNFeb19 Cover Small

February 2019

Digital Disruption

How the data revolution is changing our world





 Previous issues 2018:

 PN Dec18 cover small

 December 2018

Rise of the robots

Autonomous pods are coming to a high street near you

PNNov18-Cover small

November 2018

Watch this space

How local authorties are tackling Blue Badge abuse

 PNOct18 cover small

October 2018

The great divide

Why its time to bring parking powers into line

PNSep18 cover small

September 2018

Hiding in plain sight

The pervasive problem of persistant evaders

 PNAug18 Cover small

August 2018

Time to halt the hate

How do we change people's attitude towards parking professionals?

 PNJul18 Cover Small  July 2018

Get in sync

Why we must press for consistency across the profession

 PN June 18 Cover small

 June 2018

Road to success

Driving up standards: how the BPA is working to develop a clear career path

 PNMay18 Cover small

 May 2018

Air traffic controlled

Managing parking at the UK's busiest airport

PNApr18 Cover small 

April 2018

A picture of health

Parking charges at hospitals mean its fairer for everyone

 March 2018 Cover small

 March 2018

Green Planet

How we can help reduce emissions and clean up the air

PN Feb18 Cover small 

February 2018

Hard evidence 

How research is helping shape the future of parking



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