The launch of a network of Brand Ambassadors creates a joined-up approach to promoting Park Active and the different stages of developing successful schemes.

Park Active Brand Ambassadors are organisations and individuals who recognise and share a desire to develop and join-up active travel choices to build and maintain healthier communities, share experiences and knowledge, and help inform the evolution of Park Active.  This will include supporting potential providers of Park Active sites to understand the scheme and the different elements involved in successfully achieving a modal shift from car to bike or foot.

Park Active Brand Ambassadors have products and services that can help assist with the delivery of an evolving Park Active framework to enable active travel options that can be tailored to the needs.  

The initial list of Park Active Brand Ambassadors includes businesses and organisations providing cycling, infrastructure, storage and equipment such as cycle racks/stands/storage from Bellsure and solutions for cycle and scooter e-charging like those provided by QI Managed Services’ dock, lock and charge system. Brompton Bike Hire are nationally respected promoters and providers of active travel and their docking stations provide a high quality and flexible bike hire solution.    

The first wave of Brand Ambassadors also includes business able to provide active travel and micro-mobility guidance including Park Consult and their People, Places and Parking programme able to help identify suitable Park Active car parks, customer profiles and the best routes to town. BetterPoints provides a platform for motivating people to switch to cycling and walking, whilst Proximity Futures provides a technology-based way for tracking the increase in journeys from Park Active sites.

Details of these current and future Brand Ambassadors can be found on the Park Active Marketplace. Watch the Brand Ambassadors web page for details of meetings, events, and updates about this emerging network of active travel champions. 

Guidance from the BPA provides operational guidance and branding for parking providers, travel planners, place leaders and employers to develop their own Park Active schemes as part of a nationally recognised and respected active travel solution. Download the free Toolkit today to start your journey.

Any organisations or businesses interested in joining the Park Active Brand Ambassadors scheme can complete this form or email to find out more.