Transport minister Rachel Maclean has revealed the local authorities that have received the On-Street Residential Chargepoint Scheme (ORCS) grant so far, here.  Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council applied on behalf 5 local authorities, which is an approach that may be suited to other authorities.  Check out who has received the funding over the last four years, and if your local authority has yet to apply why not get in touch with neighbouring authorities who have?  The fund is open to all UK authorities.

These are the changes that have just been introduced to the ORCS with help from feedback from local authorities:

  1. Do you have high connection costs? The maximum per chargepoint has now been raised to £13,000.
  2. Is your project bigger than £100,000? This limit has been scrapped.
  3. Your project has a long lead time?  Now projects can take up to end March 2023 to be completed.
  4. You want chargepoints in local authority owned car parks? This has been made clearer; car park chargepoints must be available to residents for free overnight, between 6pm-8am, and car parks must have a minimum ‘maximum stay’ time of at least 4 hours during the day.

The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles also now pays 75% of any successful bid upfront, while the remaining 25% can be claimed on completion of the project.

If you are a local authority and would like more information on how to access this scheme visit the Energy Saving Trust website and contact them on