H-power Charger Launches 


AFC Energy ARP191205 AFC Web65 

Leading hydrogen power company AFC Energy has launched a zero-emissions electric vehicle charger based on hydrogen fuel cell technology. The self-contained charging system overcomes issues associated with poor grid coverage to provide rapid EV charging anywhere it is needed. 

According to AFC, a recent study commissioned by Scottish Power found that in the UK, to meet EV deployment targets, almost £100bn of new investment is required to upgrade the network and install dedicated EV charging stations.

It says for fleet operators, commercial vehicles and even private and public car park operators, large-scale rapid charging is a corporate necessity, which sometimes cannot be met without localised grid upgrades. AFC Energy’s system is designed to meet these needs by delivering an EV charger that can be safely fuelled using a variety of hydrogen sources while operating at optimum efficiency.

‘It can no longer be denied that EVs have become part of today’s mainstream automotive experience, but there are many areas where infrastructure is constraining mass deployment,’ said AFC Energy CEO Adam Bond. ‘Our system is independent of the grid and delivers EV charging in the most remote off-grid locations or in highly populated urban areas where supply is over-subscribed. With this system, we provide a solution to support the industry’s emerging need for a national network of EV charge-points.’

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