Buchanan Computing’s ParkMap 7 is promising to make online public consultation for traffic regulation orders (TROs) faster and easier, by allowing local authorities to carry out the public consultation process online, saving time and money.

ParkMap 7 enables users to take advantage of the government’s temporary relaxation of the advertising and document inspection requirements for traffic orders, which allows authorities to publish them digitally until April 2021.

Web-based delivery of TROs means that authorities can carry out online public consultations for their orders, with residents able to view proposed schemes against existing restrictions on a clear map. Members of the public can access the TraffWeb apposing their smartphones, PCs or tablets, and can download the deposited documents. They can comment directly on the proposed traffic order and this feedback is sent to the local authority.

‘With the government encouraging its “active travel” initiatives, local authorities are busy proposing radical changes to road layouts that give more space for cyclists and pedestrians,’ said Alex Smith, Buchanan Computing’s managing director. ‘The online consultation tool for ParkMap 7 makes the process really simple. There’s no need to manually add notices to the council website, or to spend time contacting all the relevant local newspapers to arrange publication – which also means that councils save money on advertising.’

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