The Work Engagement Programme

Two Webinars, One Big Idea: Better Communication

The Meeting Place - The Work Engagement Programme

We are proud to bring you a series of two 90-minute webinars designed to support your approach to video communication.  Part 1, “Better Conversations” is about how we speak with each other. You will gain new ideas and tools to expand your options when it comes to how you communicate with colleagues, customers and peers. Part 2, “Video Stars” will build on part 1, and help you to transpose these new skills into the virtual environment we now find ourselves working in. The two sessions are connected and will be spaced two weeks apart from each other. In between the sessions, you’ll be invited to experiment with practical tasks from part 1. We highly recommend attending both webinars and undertaking the work set between the two sessions in order to gain the most from this programme.

This programme will leave you with a fresh perspective on how you approach communication, a new set of skills and practical principles that will:

  • Expand your capabilities for understanding others
  • Enable you to be better understood
  • Support you to be more comfortable and capable when using these skills over video

The Content Creator 

We're delighted to have enlisted communication skills coach John Scarrott to run these webinars. Here is a little bit more about the man behind the content:

John Scarrott Headshot Nov 2018 - To use

A former Membership Director, John started his career selling advertising space over the phone, before there was a computer on every desk. In 2016 he set up his own coaching practice where he learned that Zoom and Skype are no barriers to building trust and rapport for successful coaching. He has done 95% of his coaching work via video and phone, representing some 280+ hours and 50+ clients. In 2018 he gained his Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from the International Coaching Federation. He is the retained coach and trainer in Presentation Skills for the Association of Association Executives and also for the Institute of Data and Marketing. You can find out more about him at

The Concept

How it works - There will be a 2-week period between part 1 and part 2. The idea is that because the two sessions are linked this creates an opportunity. At the end of part 1, you will be invited to create an experiment, to try something out, observe or notice something about yourself, in relation to this subject. This is an opportunity to try the thinking on for size. And notice what you notice. You can bring new insights or experiences to part 2.

John Scarrott

The Webinars

The "WE" Programme brought to you by British Parking Association


Supplementary resources to assist your learning and for you to refer back to 

"WE" webinar series experiments

"WE" webinar series reading list 

Watch part one Better Conversations (Member log on required)

Watch part two Video Stars (Member log on required)

John Scarrott gave a thought-provoking masterclass on how we can improve our communications in virtual settings. The concepts were well explained and apply to all communication, live or virtual

Julia, BPA