Why a career in parking is a great choice!

There has never been a better time to work within the UK parking sector.

Innovation and technological advances are bringing about exciting changes to the way in which our transport options are planned and managed, and parking is at the heart of these developments.

A career within parking is a career which not only provides you with an interesting, challenging and rewarding job but puts you in a position to influence the future development of areas such as sustainable transport, town and city planning, and tackling congestion and pollution within our urban areas.

There are a whole raft of job roles associated with the parking sector, many of which you may never have considered before now. See our diagram outlining the scope of the UK parking sector.

No barriers to entry

A career in parking is accessible to most people, whatever your background. Employers are interested in hiring people with the right skills and personal attributes and are happy to provide training and qualifications to support career development.

Clear career progression

Many of the people who have reached a senior position within parking have done so by working their way up through the business. For those who want to, there are clear career pathways which can lead to senior roles within both the private and public sectors.

A membership association to support you every step of the way

The British Parking Association is here to support you in your parking career, whatever your choice of role or employer. Our Individual Membership resources are designed to provide you with the tools to be successful, whilst giving you credibility with employers. Discover all that we do at the BPA to support careers and build professionalism, raise the status and value of the parking profession, and broaden our reach and relevance. Find out more about how to join today.

How to find the right role in parking for you

Our careers guide can help you to be successful in getting the right role, with advice on areas such as where to look for jobs, how to make a successful application, and interview guidance. There is also a useful section on how to appropriately manage your social media presence.