Recovery Zone: Tough Conversations - Part 1

This year has been eventful in so many ways; some of us might look back and feel overwhelmed by the sense of togetherness and community. Others might look back and feel anger or resentment. 2020 has been fuelled by emotion, but as we approach the end of the year, all we can do is reflect, learn and move forwards.

JMW Solicitors are bringing you a series of two webinars aims to tackle the ‘tough conversations’ that have arisen during this year as we look to recover as individuals and as businesses.

Part 1 is intended for organisations and the ‘tough conversations’ that are continuing to effect businesses. This session will cover:

  1. Coming out of Furlough
    • Particular focus on the amount of people on Furlough, and the implications coming out of Furlough will have on the workforce. 
  2. Corporate Recovery and Insolvency
    • The pandemic has placed incredible financial strain on businesses and whilst it may seem easier to turn a "blind eye", it is best to tackle the issues head on. There could be ways to turn things around and "help" can also be considered. 

We will be joined by:
Simon Bloch, Employment Partner, JMW Solicitors
Gavin Jones, Head of Corporate Recovery and Insolvency, JMW Solicitors
Derek Millard-Smith, Partner - Consumer Law, Driving Defence, Sports Management, JMW Solicitors 

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