The Open Parking Platform - An aspiration for change

Traditionally a company or brand will take an idea > Build a commercial product or service > Then a
user experience results, positive or negative! Let's flip this!

Solutionlabs has, for many years, driven towards an empathetic approach to innovation. We believe there is greater universal success to be had from changing traditional thought processes.

Strategically place the user and their experiences first. This provides a deeper understanding of how you can deliver your products and services. This ethical and empathetic approach to its innovation means that notanotherapp (naa) aspires to see beyond its own world view. Meaning we are less focused on profit-making and more focused on driving for wider industry accessibility changes.
Why should a user be restricted to a single app? Why should a Local Authority have to write a procurement document designed to stunt their own innovation for up to 5 years or more? Why should an app developer be restricted to their own cultivated data?

It’s time we all embraced the idea that we cannot truly innovate unless we break through the traditional processes of the same teams, looking at the same data and having the same discussions. You can apply this to not only app developers and the cashless payment providers but the local authorities and car park owners also. Why should we be restricted by traditionally biased data, by inward focused innovation and outdated mindsets? It’s time we evolved.

Solutionlabs currently has its own cashless parking payment platform (one that requires no app) and we became a part of the exact problem we were trying to resolve. We didn’t put the user experience first. We understood people were frustrated with the apps, but what we failed to
understand in the first instance was why? Overwhelmingly the research showed us that users were frustrated with having to download multiple apps for multiple car parks. Coupled with this we also found a large majority of users didn’t feel they had the freedom to choose an app that best suited them. Depending on where they were, the service they received from the different app providers would differ drastically.

Motorists didn’t feel they could effect change! The user experience didn’t matter! This all being said, the naa platform doesn’t just seek to offer motorists the flexibility of using a single app across multiple car parks. It offers app developers the ability to compete on an open and level playing field with their peers without fear of not being “big enough” to compete for tenders. It will also provide them with data sharing like they have never had before. It encourages empathetic innovation. It offers local authorities and public sector businesses the opportunity to scrap outdated and restrictive procurement processes and open themselves up to a new way of developing their own product offerings and data management.

Strategic ethical innovation requires businesses to look at emerging trends in many areas; social, demographic, technological, geographical, environmental, political, regulatory and competitive – with naa we make this easy. Our data reporting puts you in control and we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way. Live account managers are on hand to help guide you through the data and help exact any policy or tariff changes that may be needed.

The naa platform aims to initiate effective change and assist in future readiness.

We will be joined by:
Duane Hodge-Stubbs, Founder & Director, SolutionLabs
Tim Pryor, Brand & Marketing Consultant, SolutionLabs

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