The Work Engagement Programme: Better Conversations

The Meeting Place - The Work Engagement Programme

We are proud to bring you a series of two 90-minute webinars designed to support your approach to video communication.  Part 1, “Better Conversations” is about how we speak with each other. You will gain new ideas and tools to expand your options when it comes to how you communicate with colleagues, customers and peers. Part 2, “Video Stars” will build on part 1, and help you to transpose these new skills into the virtual environment we now find ourselves working in. The two sessions are connected and will be spaced two weeks apart from each other. In between the sessions, you’ll be invited to experiment with practical tasks from part 1. We highly recommend attending both webinars and undertaking the work set between the two sessions in order to gain the most from this programme.

This programme will leave you with a fresh perspective on how you approach communication, a new set of skills and practical principles that will:

Expand your capabilities for understanding others
Enable you to be better understood
Support you to be more comfortable and capable when using these skills over video

Part 1 "Better Conversations" took place on 12 November 2020


Presentation Better Conversations - Expand what you give and exceed your potential

Follow up excersises to undertake before part 2 "WE" webinar series experiments

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