Safer Bus Stations



About the Scheme

The Safer Bus Station scheme is a national accreditation that provides operators of bus stations, bus interchanges and coach stations an opportunity to improve security and display to their customers their desire to reduce crime and disorder.

It follows the same principles as the Safer Parking Scheme, but the criteria are slightly different.  See How to join further down for details.

Who can join?

Operators of bus and coach stations and bus interchanges.

Why join?

The Safer Bus Station scheme establishes a standard of good practice and accredits individual bus and coach stations whose operators have demonstrated a commitment to working with their local police force and other partners to reduce crime and create a safe and non-threatening environment.

Benefits of membership

Being a member demonstrates to your customers that you are committed to creating a high quality facility that feels safe and has measures in place to reduce crime and the fear of crime.

A BPA Area Manager will work with you to get your facilities to the required standard to achieve the Safer Bus Station award and accredited police staff will assess the facilities to ensure it meets the required standards.

Click here to find your area manager.

How to join

There are two steps to achieving the Safer Bus Station award.

Step 1   Apply for membership and receive consultation services to get your bus/coach facilities to the required standard

Step 2   The bus station is then assessed by a police accredited assessor against the scheme’s criteria

The criteria includes a passenger perception survey, management practices, CCTV, surveillance, crime statistics and the design and maintenance of the bus station.

Once the facility has passed the assessment, you will receive a Safer Bus Station award and be entitled to the benefits that come with being an award holder.

Download an application form here.

For existing Safer Bus Station award holders an application for additional bus/coach stations can be downloaded here.


There is a membership fee and an assessment fee both payable annually.  Fees shown not including VAT.

  Annual Membership Fee £70
  Assessment small bus station £404
  Assessment medium bus station £606
  Assessment large bus station £808







To discuss any aspect of the scheme call 01444 447 319 or email

Partners and supporters

The Safer Bus Station scheme is a joint initiative of the police and the British Parking Association in response to reducing crime and the fear of crime. The scheme is managed by the British Parking Association.