Our Aim

We are keen to better understand our sector and manage an annual programme of research. Our aim is to utilise any current research that exists whilst encouraging further study and research to develop a comprehensive picture of this diverse and challenging sector.

Bursaries and Awards

In 2006 we set up the John Heasman Bursary, created in order to encourage research in the parking and traffic management profession. Further information regarding this bursary can be found here. The Ernest Davies Award for Advancing Parking Knowledge was set up in 1994 with the aim of "encouraging younger members to communicate both verbally and in writing on matters relating to any aspect of parking in its broadest sense". Further information regarding the Ernest Davies Award can be found here.

Academic Research into Parking

We appreciate that there are a variety of university courses that involve studies related to the parking and traffic management sector; this is an area we are always keen to learn more about. We urge any students who are undertaking studies in this profession to visit our Students page. Click here for further information regarding how your work could apply to the John Heasman Bursary and the Ernest Davies Award.

Parking Reports and Research

For any information on noteworthy publications in the form of reports, research and statistical findings involving parking, please visit our Parking Reports and Research page here.