Previous Winners

Previous winners of the Ernest Davies Award

Ryan Jackson and Alastair Finlayson at Gemini Parking Solutions with their 'Brake The Mould' Podcast

The runners-up were: Zoe Hall, from Cornwall Council with an article entitled A Perfect Parking World- Back off RoboCEOs and Craig Taylor, from Cornwall Council and David Fowle from Hozah Parking for their joint article entitled ANPR for Local Authority Car Parks: Present & Future Benefits

Daniel Casey and Dean Fennell-Connell won with their joint entry of an article on workplace violience in the parking sector - Recognising the scale of workplace violence in parking management

The two runners-up were Steve Thompson for the article 'Interesting stops along the digital superhighway' and Craig Taylor for the article 'Reflection on Cornwall’s Positive Parking Framework'.

Leslie Donohue-Bromley of Market Marketing won with an article on lithium ion batteries. An abridge version of his article The risks of lithium ion electric vehicles and considerations for the parking industry is in the Parking News December 2018 and this is the full article.

Paul Caddy won with his entry Calling all Enforcement Agents / Agencies

Enforcement Team Leader for ParkingEye, David Greenbank, has been named as the winner of the 2016 Ernest Davies Award for Advancing Parking Knowledge. David's article, Raising Standards in the Private Parking Industry in the Post-Beavis Era, can be read in its entirety in the December issue of Parking News.

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One of the judges, Kelvin Reynolds, speaking of this year's winner, said: “This has been another great year for the award. We have received a number of fantastic entries covering a range of subjects; from technology, to the Safer Parking Scheme, enforcement and traffic statistics. It once again shows the value of the Ernest Davies Award in encouraging people to write creatively and passionately in order to raise the profile of the parking profession and to share their experiences: all of which provide an opportunity for others to learn.”

Runners up: Fiona Macey and Gordon Bell.

Louiza Hamidi has been named as the winner of the 2015 Ernest Davies Award for Advancing Parking Knowledge. Her article, 'A Love Poem to the British Parking Association' can be read in its entireity in the December issue of Parking News.

Runners up: Christina Martinez and Dr Guochao Alex Peng and Rod Williamson was highly commended for his entry too.

Disabled motoring campaigner, Helen Dolphin, Director of Policy and Campaigns at Disabled Motoring UK, won with her article, 'Fraud for thought'


Speaking of her award, she said: “I was absolutely delighted to win this year’s Ernest Davies Award. Blue Badge fraud is a topic very close to my heart and I was shocked to discover just how rife this crime is when I spent the day with Portsmouth Council’s fraud team. Portsmouth does an amazing job trying to stop people abusing the scheme and I hope my article will make other authorities question if they could do more.”

Runners up: Rod Williamson and Paul Riley.

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the 2013 Ernest Davies Award for Advancing Parking Knowledge is Rod Williamson. His article 'Magna Parka - 2015?' here

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Runners up: Gavin Reddin and Chris Charles.

Wasiu Seriki won with his entry An Open Market and featured in October's issue of Parking News in 2011, page 12. 

Simon Fogg won with the article, "The Invisibility Cloak of Parking" can be read here . It was originally featured in Parking News, page 31, Febuary 2011 edition.