The British Parking Association today calls for a Parking Summit to facilitate a proper debate about the management of parking on private land including the issues that will emerge from the Supreme Court Decision on the case brought by Barry Beavis vs Parking Eye and the Government’s response to its consultation on off-street parking issued last March.  Details of the BPA Summit will be announced when both court and government have delivered their responses, expected this autumn.

Patrick Troy, BPA Chief Executive says: “When we know these outcomes we will be in a better position to tackle the many mixed messages and misunderstandings about private parking. Whatever the outcome, there will be much to debate and the BPA, as the professional association for the entire parking community determined to place the consumer at the heart of its thinking is at the forefront of this discussion.

“The purpose of our Summit will be to achieve a better understanding by all parties of how the present arrangements, which few fully understand, can be improved in the interests of landowners, operators and motorists alike. The Supreme Court case has generated much interest and concern and the BPA believes it should lead in bringing together all stakeholders for a constructive and positive discussion. We don’t expect a consensus but we do expect to identify what needs to be done and provide clarity for the sake of everyone.”

Built around the BPA’s influential Parking Forum, those invited to the summit will include the RAC Foundation, Disabled Motoring UK, DfT, DVLA, DCLG, Association of Town & City Management, National Motorists Action Group and Barry Beavis plus a whole host of other interested Stakeholders representing landowners, operators and motorists.