As promised and in agreement with Government, the BPA has transformed the management of parking on private land and delivered truly independent appeals for motorists for the third year running. As well as being judicially independent, POPLA (Parking on Private Land Appeals) for England and Wales also has an Independent Scrutiny Board guaranteeing absolute independence.

The BPA welcomes the publication of the third POPLA Annual Report as we continue to work diligently to raise standards, eradicate rogue operators and make parking a recognised profession.

The Lead Adjudicator has referred to the BPA some instances where he believed a breach of our Code of Practice may have occurred and investigations always take place to ensure that appropriate remedial action is taken with the operator concerned.

This year the lead adjudicator has also given us some helpful pointers as we reinvent our Healthcare Parking Charter to be launched later this year as part of our ongoing commitment to raising standards across the entire parking profession with the development of a Professionalism in Parking Accreditation (PiPA) scheme; this will certify that higher standards are delivered by organisations in all sectors of the parking profession. Alongside PiPA, a range of audited charters will address unique, sector-specific commitments in parking services and encourage compliance.

In March this year we appointed nationally accredited and acclaimed Ombudsman Services to take over and improve POPLA from 1 October 2015.

Patrick Troy, the BPA’s Chief Executive said: "The BPA established POPLA to provide independent redress for motorists who receive parking tickets on private land where they feel they have been treated unfairly. The service is provided free to motorists and decisions are binding on the operator who issued the tickets. An increase in the number of appeals registered at POPLA recognises increasing consumer confidence about using POPLA and exercising their right to independent appeal against any perceived unfair parking enforcement."

"As we await the outcome of the Supreme Court case, which will provide much needed clarity regarding the issue and level of Parking Charge Notices on private land, we welcome the POPLA Annual Report and are delighted that Ombudsman Services will carry on the good work begun by London Councils, the incumbent service provider."