The good management of car parks is essential to successful town centres and High Streets. Motorists want to park in accessible and safe car parks that represent good value for money and they want to be treated fairly should the need arise to take enforcement action. 

The BPA believes the best solution is for government to establish a single standard setting body (SSB), a single code of practice and a single appeals service. This would be in the interests of motorists and the parking sector, building on the foundations established by the BPA's Approved Operators Scheme (AOS) in 2007 which became the model for Accredited Trade Associations (ATA). 

Government can make a difference by introducing some light touch regulation in order to deliver a better deal for both motorists and landowners. 

Continuing with multiple codes of practice, multiple appeals services, and variable auditing and sanctions regimes is unfair and confusing for motorists and businesses alike. The BPA believes in putting the consumer at the heart of any solution and we believe that this proposal will meet concerns about the private parking sector and lead to higher standards and comprehensive independent redress.

The ParkingEye v Beavis Court of Appeal case provided clarity about how much car park operators can charge when motorists breach conditions in car parks but government can build on this by establishing a single standard setting body which is accountable to government and can be fully funded by the private parking sector. This should enhance standards through an enforceable code of practice. That code should be established following consultation with consumers, motorists, operators and landowners.

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