We have campaigned at length for absolute clarity on the Clauses in Railway Byelaws where they relate to parking controls. Government officials committed to providing this clarification but due to various circumstances, some beyond their control, this has not yet been forthcoming.

This ambiguous situation is unsatisfactory for motorists, train and parking operators alike. We firmly believe that effective legislation that is not open to interpretation is vital in ensuring parking on railway land can be managed properly.

Regrettably, and to remove the ambiguity, we took the decision to temporarily remove the requirement for our members, who manage parking at railway locations under the Byelaws, to offer an independent appeal via POPLA.

Motorists who breach the advertised Terms & Conditions and receive a Penalty Notice and believe it has been unfairly issued will still be able to appeal to the operator. When an operator follows up any unpaid penalty notices, motorists will also have an opportunity to put their case again at the Magistrates Court.

In the meantime, we will continue to work with government to achieve a resolution to improve the clarity of Railway Byelaws. When this has been achieved the temporary suspension will be lifted and motorists will once more have access to an independent appeal via POPLA heralding the introduction of a fairer and more proportionate means of managing parking on railway land.