The British Parking Association (BPA) has received Nicola Mullany’s resignation as Chair of The Independent Scrutiny Board for Parking Appeals (ISPA)  The Chair is appointed by the BPA, the government and a representative of the consumer sector.

Patrick Troy, BPA CEO said: “We thank Nicola for her contributions as Chair of ISPA and wish her all the best for the future.”

ISPA will continue to scrutinise POPLA to ensure that the service it delivers continues to be independent and be seen to be independent. POPLA was established by the BPA in 2012 by agreement with Government, which led the way in delivering independent redress for the consumer. 

Since POPLA’s launch by the BPA on October 1st 2012, 119,387 appeals have been received equating to around 1% of tickets issued (approximately 45,000 appeals every year). POPLA is free to the motorist and decisions are binding on the operator. There has not been a single instance where a BPA operator has refused to accept a POPLA decision.

The BPA continues to lobby government for the introduction of a standard setting body with a single code of practice and a single appeals service, which it introduced to a broad range of stakeholders, landowners and consumers as a solution to the issues of parking on private land earlier this year. 

Patrick Troy continued: “It became clear from the summit that people wanted consistency in parking on private land. We made a case for a single standard setting body and everyone gave it their support.”