The British Parking Association (BPA) will manage the Disabled Parking Accreditation on behalf of Disabled Motoring UK from April. This allows the charity to focus more of its time on vital campaigning work to support disabled motorists.

Disabled Motoring UK launched the Disabled Parking Accreditation (DPA) in June 2014 with the primary goal of improving car parks for disabled people and reducing the abuse of disabled bays. It is hoped that by encouraging car parks to sign up to the scheme disabled people will be able to find a car park in their area which is completely accessible. If a disabled person arrives at their destination to find that the car park facilities are not accessible or that all of the disabled bays are full because the car park does not police them properly, they are often faced with no option but to go home without completing the activity they went out to do. This is why knowing that a car park is accessible and that disabled bays are properly monitored and enforced before they arrive at a car park is a real benefit to a disabled motorist.

Kelvin Reynolds, BPA Director of Policy & Public Affairs said: “The BPA is very pleased to support DMUK.  We are in daily contact with people who own and operate car parks, carrying out assessments for Park Mark and our Approved Operators Scheme so it makes sense that we talk to them about their facilities for disabled motorists too.  In doing so we will be able to make life better for disabled motorists and also reward operators who provide the more accessible parking.”

Car parks that qualify for the DPA will be able to show everyone that they are committed to creating safer and more accessible parking facilities.  For a car park to achieve the accreditation it must have:

  • Accessible bays
  • Clear signage
  • Easy entry into the car park
  • Good lighting
  • Accessible payment machines
  • Alternative payment methods
  • Concessions
  • Ease of access
  • Bay enforcement

DMUK Chief Executive, Graham Footer, said: “The charity has spent a lot of time and effort developing the Disabled Parking Accreditation and we are really pleased that since its launch over 100 car parks have been recognised.  We now feel it is time for the BPA, with their expert knowledge and experience of parking to take over the daily running of the DPA, freeing staff at DMUK to focus on helping disabled motorists. I am very pleased that the BPA has seen the value in the charity’s accreditation and the charity looks forward to working with them to make sure that as many car parks as possible meet the needs of disabled people.”


For further information visit the BPA Media Hub or contact the Public Affairs and Research Team by emailing or calling: 01444 255 944 /  07788 315 625

Notes to Editor

The British Parking Association (BPA), founded in 1970, is the largest independent professional association in Europe, representing over 700 member organisations in the parking and traffic management profession. Members range from technology manufacturers and car park operators to local authorities and theme parks.

The BPA is dedicated to promoting and representing knowledge and standards in every type of parking facility, both on-street and off-street, and to bringing together the interests of Government, local authorities and commercial organisations, providing a forum for the exchange of information and ideas concerning parking.

The BPA manages the Approved Operator Scheme launched for BPA members in October 2007. The AOS is designed specifically for those BPA members that are involved in parking enforcement services on private land or in unregulated public car parks. The purpose of the AOS is to drive up standards in the management of parking on private land – an area where the Government has failed both motorists and landowners – and drive out any rogue traders.

The BPA Code of Practice for its AOS was developed in partnership with consumer and motoring organisations and has a robust audit and scheme of sanctions to ensure its members comply. The BPA has worked diligently to raise standards, eradicate rogue operators and make parking a recognised profession and will continue to do so. We want to place the motorist at the heart of our thinking.

As promised and in agreement with Government, the BPA has transformed the management of parking on private land and delivered truly independent appeals for motorists. As well as being judicially independent, POPLA (Parking on Private Land Appeals) for England and Wales also has an Independent Scrutiny Board guaranteeing absolute independence.

Disabled Motoring UK

Disabled Motoring UK is the national charity which supports disabled drivers, passengers and Blue Badge holders.

We lobby government and businesses to improve parking, refuelling and access provision for disabled people, so that they can access the goods and services that they need. Disabled Motoring UK is not just an organisation for disabled motorists; we also campaign for and support scooter and wheelchair users, families and carers.

Our continuing campaigns include: the abuse of disabled parking bays, the reform of the Blue Badge scheme, accessibility of city centres, and the lack of parking at healthcare facilities.

For more information contact: Heidi Wright, Communications Manager,, 01508 489449