Issued in response to the recent court decision over unpaid Parking Charge Notices at University Hospital of Wales:

Parking facilities at hospitals are usually oversubscribed and demand often outstrips supply; for this reason, parking facilities and transport links need to be effectively managed to provide a better experience for all, whether they are a patient, visitor or employee.

Kelvin Reynolds, Director of Corporate and Public Affairs (BPA) said:"There is no such thing as a free parking space and the costs of providing a car park and a range of other services to ensure that it operates safely and effectively throughout its working life have to be met by someone. Car parks require investment to be built and maintained, which has to come from somewhere and that is either via taxation or by the people using it."

Despite Indigo's efforts to reduce the financial burden for a number of staff at University Hospital of Wales a small number of staff declined to accept the offer.  The Court's decision has emphasised the need for good parking management and reiterates that no-one is exempt from complying with the rules which are there for the benefit of all - including patients.

We strongly advise any motorist not to ignore any Parking Charge Notices.  Motorists who disagree with a PCN should first appeal to the parking operator and if that is unsuccessful the motorist can take their appeal to POPLA, the independent appeals service set up by us in 2012.