The British Parking Association (BPA) does not recognise the figures UK Carline claim British drivers pay for parking tickets.  The actual number of PCNs issued in London and across the UK is in decline year on year.  London Tribunals and the Traffic Penalty Tribunal statistics do not reveal how many were paid at the discounted rate, the higher rate or not at all.  It is therefore extremely difficult to calculate exactly how much British drivers pay in total.

The number of PCNs issued by councils has been falling over the last 5 years and by as much as 20% in London.

All Penalty Charges can be avoided by not parking where you shouldn’t and paying when you should.

The BPA has found that 4 out of five motorists do comply with the rules, which are there for everyone’s benefit, and NEVER receive a Penalty Charge; those that do get one have the right to appeal if they think it is wrongly issued, firstly with the issuer and then at an independent appeals service.

When analysing local authority parking accounts, 4 out of 5 councils do not make a surplus on their enforcement activity.  The Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 includes provisions to control the use of parking surplus generated and these are set out in s55. These strict rules, laid down by law, stipulate how surplus funds are spent and this means re-investment in traffic management that benefits the entire community.

The BPA has a public advice website where members of the public can find information about the different types of tickets issued, the appeals process and services.