British Parking Association (BPA) does not believe there is a direct correlation between an increase in requests from the DVLA to the number of tickets issued.

Factors such as the growth of car ownership and the number of cars on Britain’s roads is placing additional demands on parking, much of which occurs on private land due to the expansion of retail and leisure parks and supermarkets.  Many of these parks are managed using ANPR camera technology, which requires a request to be made to the DVLA earlier than would be the case if a ticket was stuck to the windscreen and left unpaid.

Kelvin Reynolds, Director of Policy and Public Affairs said: “Most local authorities manage town centre car parks, but out-of-town retail parks and supermarkets are private and more of these are being managed by private operators.  This will inevitably lead to an increase in requests to the DVLA due to enforcement practices and the different methods of enforcement used.

“We lobbied government in 2016 to regulate parking on private land and a consensus was reached with stakeholders such as the RAC Foundation and consumer groups to form a Single Standard Setting Body with a single Code of Practice and appeals service.  We are still waiting for this to happen.”