Civil Enforcement Officers and front line operational staff deserve respect too

The British Parking Association continues to seek better protection and respect for people delivering parking services and campaigns for a reduction in abuse and malicious behaviour towards Civil Enforcement Officers and other parking professionals. 

It is a sad fact that violence towards CEOs and front line staff increases just after media frenzies such as the one between an ambulance driver and front line staff.  It is important to step back and evaluate the situation calmly.

Our Code of Practice has an underlying philosophy that operators should act responsibly when dealing with members of the public who have breached private land, property, or parking terms and conditions and should try to resolve complaints quickly and amicably.  Our Code stipulates respect for the needs of the emergency services to carry out their duties without taking enforcement action against them.

Andrew Pester, Chief Executive of the British Parking Association said: “Parking professionals everywhere are undertaking an important job, assisting millions of people every day to go about their lives. 

“Effective parking management is about keeping our streets safe, free from obstruction caused by indiscriminately parked vehicles and improving road safety for all.  It’s not an easy job, but it is an essential one and parking professionals deserve respect and protection.  Parking management is essential in our modern society.  It keeps businesses and people moving. Without it, we all suffer.”