PiPA: a university and college parking revolution

Following the success of the Professionalism in Parking Accreditation (PiPA) for healthcare landowners, the BPA has launched its flagship accreditation for parking in higher and further education. University and college landowners across the UK can now seek this audited accreditation, reassuring students, visitors and staff that they uphold the highest possible standards of professionalism.

PiPA will help universities and colleges attract the growing number of high-calibre students and staff who depend on cars for transport. As the housing crisis continues to bite and the cost-of-living rises, students increasingly commute from home to their places of learning. This often means that they place parking facilities near the top of their list of priorities when choosing a university or college. Only those educational institutions that excel at parking will attract the new generation of ultra-mobile, car-owning students. Meanwhile, lecturers and teachers also expect an excellent standard of parking.

Don’t miss out: join the PiPA revolution and achieve the new benchmark for parking excellence. Universities and colleges always seek to attract the sharpest minds, but poor parking can only limit their appeal. It doesn’t have to be like this. Prove to the world just how good you are: apply for PiPA today.

The first-ever PiPA for higher and further education landowners was awarded at the BPA’s Parking Summit in May 2016 to:

University of Kent


BPA President Philip Hammer presents the team at the University of Kent with their PiPA certificate.

To learn more about PiPA for higher and further education landowners, contact pipa@britishparking.co.uk.

PiPA: what does it mean to be a professional organisation?

Excellence in parking is a product of organisational professionalism, and this concept lies at the heart of PiPA. A professional organisation:

• takes seriously every aspect of its parking operation;
• treats its parking staff as ambitious professionals and provides them with the support, encouragement and recognition they need to develop skills within parking;
• acknowledges its responsibilities in society and adopts the ethical ethos of an organisation that meets the needs of the wider community; and
• commits to improving parking services continuously.

All of this helps to ensure that customer service is unrivalled. Only a professional organisation can achieve that goal and, by measuring professionalism, PiPA really does accredit excellence.

The PiPA audit

The PiPA audit is rigorous but fair. As PiPA expands throughout the world of parking, sectors beyond healthcare and higher and further education will benefit from a similar auditing model.

The auditing process for the landowner PiPA is simple. Following your organisation’s initial application, the BPA will send you a special PiPA audit pack, and we will ask you to submit a pre-audit self-assessment form. After full payment for the PiPA audit has been received and you have sent your completed self-assessment form to pipa@britishparking.co.uk, one of our expert area managers will review your form and ask for any additional evidence, if required. Once the area manager is satisfied that sufficient evidence has been provided, a site audit will be arranged, focusing on nine key assessment standards:

  • Customer service and stakeholder relationships
  • Safer and properly maintained parking facilities
  • Fair pricing and easy-to-use payment services
  • Fair enforcement of parking terms and conditions
  • Impartial and fair appeals service, accessible to all
  • Clear and comprehensive parking information
  • Employee wellbeing, development and recognition
  • Social responsibility and equality of service delivery
  • Continuous improvement

Your PiPA guide will help you through the self-assessment process by providing possible evidence-types that you may like to consider for each PiPA assessment standard.
Please be aware that, during your organisation's site-audit, you will need to produce documentation in support of the evidence-types mentioned in your self-assessment.
This approach to auditing combines high standards with the flexibility needed to meet the needs of a diverse higher and further education parking sector, and the auditing process will transfer well to other sectors as PiPA expands its reach across the world of parking.

Auditing excellence: PiPA fees

A professional accreditation demands a professional audit, and the PiPA fee reflects the BPA's pursuit of real excellence. Click here to find out what your organisation's PiPA fee will be.