Parking 2020

Parking 20:20 is our vision for the future of parking. New technologies and innovation are changing the way parking services are managed and delivered and we continue to inform and facilitate changes in the sector to improve parking services for all.

Our current focus is on four key work streams: 

  • EV charging
  • Data, payment and Apps
  • Shared Mobility
  • Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV).

For further information about Parking 20:20 please email Dave Smith 

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We commissioned research to explore trends in future intelligent mobility, show their relation to the parking profession and identify the role it can play in the future.

Driven by rapid technology development and implemented through policy and business, future intelligent mobility is a growing phenomenon. A vital aspect of developments is an ever-increasing integration throughout the transport profession. To be part of these developments, the parking profession must be at the forefront of future mobility and be ready to bring in its expertise and knowledge in new and innovative ways to improve the customer’s experience.

Justus H. Loebler, an Imperial College Graduate has produced this report following an extensive research project. Comprehensive second-order background research was conducted in order to explore current developments and research streams in future intelligent mobility. Secondly, an extensive stakeholder engagement process was carried out with our members as well as new partners from across the transport profession. Thirdly, potential areas of action for us and the parking profession have been identified. The results from these steps are summarised in this report.

In summary, the research shows that the parking profession needs to take action in a number of different areas and that different approaches are necessary to accompany the broadness of the topic. We wants to gather expertise and knowledge within the parking profession and share best practice with its members. This allows the whole profession to benefit from developments in the area of future mobility.

In addition, we wish to act as enabler for profession-related, cross-sector research groups working on vital innovation areas of parking. In doing so the BPA will enable the parking profession to be at the heart of the preparation for the future, and will open opportunities for its members to take part in this process.

Read the report in full here. Please do not copy, share, cite or circulate the report without the express written permission of the BPA. Please note you will need to login with your BPA member details to access.