Parking Structures

The Parking Structures Group is made up of members who have an interest in the built environment associated with car parks across the UK and Europe. Current membership includes asset managers and specialists in designing, manufacturing, construction associated with building and maintaining car park structures.

The group’s main objectives are to share information, knowledge and best practice with the sector and to raise the profile and standards of life-care planning for car park structures.

Chair: Russell Simmons, Stripe Consulting,

Vice-chair: Richard Bowyer, Triflex (UK) Ltd,

Account Manager: Michelle Boshoff

Due to COVID-19 no plans have been made for meetings to commence for the rest of this year. Members are kept involved, informed, and connected with a suite of virtual resources, these include, weekly webinarsthe online community and the Beyond Parking podcast. 

The Resource Library aims to provide BPA members with a knowledge centre comprising technical information, best practice guidance, and general information and advice on a range of parking related topics which may assist in everyday work in parking and traffic management.

 If you are not a BPA member and would like further information about interest groups and membership please contact the membership team.

Here are some highlights of the benefits of BPA membership for Parking Structures
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Connect with other Parking Structures members nationwide, in person or online, to ask questions and share solutions

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Advancing knowledge

Share experiences with your peers across the wider Parking Structures membership 

 BPA SIP Icons-Full Set Advice and Support-Lime

Advice and Support

Dedicated Parking Structures account manager for one to one support, information and advice

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Lobbying and engagement

Representing the views of our Parking Structures group members, ensuring your voice is heard as part of the wider parking community

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Professional development 

Providing individuals with learning support and advice to maximise career opportunities within parking

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Parking Know How:

Group members have contributed to a number of Parking Know Hows which are available to BPA members to help them with building and maintaining their parking structures. 

Life-Care Plans for Parking Structures

Inspection, Maintenance and Management of Car Park Structures

Winter Maintenance in Car Parks

 Full list of BPA Members