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PCN Handed to Driver<< Back to Forum

Hi all, First post in the Parking Scotland forum! We had a situation the other day when a PA was issuing a PCN to a vehicle that was parked on DYL's with a no loading at any time restriction. The driver of the vehicle returned after the PCN was printed and got in his van. The PA explained to the driver why he was being issued with the PCN and attempted to hand it to the driver through the open window. The driver would not accept it so the PA placed it (CCTV shows that he did not throw it in) in the cab and the PCN landed on the person lap. Our guidelines for our PA's are quite clear that they must hand it to the driver however I wondered how other authorities would deal with this type of situation and if anyone has taken the view that the PCN was "given" to the person that was in charge of the vehicle. Any thoughts/comments appreciated. Tony McRae, Fife Council

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