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Re-think! Parking on the high street - Produced by the Association of Town & City Management (ATCM), the British Parking Association (BPA), Springboard Research Ltd and Parking Data & Research International (PDRI).

Spaced Out: Perspectives On Parking Policy - published by RAC Foundation, written by John Bates and David Leibling

BPA response to the Portas Report

Mary Portas Independent review into the future of our high streets

Mary Portas Indepdendent review- 28 recommendations

Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) - Understanding High Street Performance - prepared by Genecon LLP and Partners - December 2011

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[No] Traffic in Towns - Nick Boyle, Marston Holdings, November 2017

An Introduction to the Future of Parking and Transport - Spencer Palmer, London Councils, November 2017

Achieving Town Centre objectives by applying digital technologies to parking and transport - Lorna Hogg, Aberdeenshire Council, November 2017

Driving the UK to zero emissions - Kevin Stringer, Electric Blue, November 2017

NSL - June 2017

Westminster City Council's digital high street - Kieran Fitsall, June 2017

Measuring the heart beat of the local high street -  Fiona Ellis-Chadwick, Loughborough University, June 2017 

Parking Accounts - David Leibling, March 2017

Surface Access to Airports - Civil Aviation Authority, March 2017

Modern enforcement - Tesco, March 2017

Improving driver standards - Driving Instructors Association, November 2016

Ensuring safety in innovation - BRAKE, November 2016

Improving safety in car parks - BPA, November 2016

Electric Vehicle take up - Office for Low Emmission Vehicles, September 2016

Intelligent Mobility - Justus Loebler, March 2016

Secure Powered-Two Wheel Parking - Colin Brown, Motorcycle Action Group, March 2016

Future of the Forum - Dave Smith, March 2016

TSRGD 2016 - Simon Morgan, March 2016

Master Plans 2015 and Future of the Forum - 010515

Local Authority parking finances - David Leibling, February 2015 

Keep Britain Tidy presentation - Jonathan Gibbon, KPT, November 2014

TSRGD 2015 presentation - Simon Morgan, August 2014

Comparison of Parking in the UK and Europe - Manny Rasores, August 2013

Stakeholder perceptions on the value of car parking to support and inform decision makers - Isobel Beetham, Loughborough University, May 2013

Re-think! Parking on the High Street - Ojay MacDonald, Association of Town and City Management, February 2013

Compliance Monitoring and Benchmarking - Lynn Witham, Parking Associates, November 2012 

Spaced Out: Perspectives on Parking Policy - David Leibling - August 2012

Latest Trends in Parking Technologies - Manny Rasores - May 2012

Parking and Town Centres - The Portas Report - Kelvin Reynolds

Blue Badge Reform Programme - Sharon Pierson - DfT

Blue Badge Reform update November 2011

Approved Operator Scheme November 2011

Finding Parking in the 21st Century - Eugene Tsyrklevich, Parkopedia

Parking - The Issues - David Leibling

How parking policy can stimulate local economy - Manny Rasores

Parking & Tourism - Atholl Noon, Colin Buchanan

Disabled persons parking in the UK - WPS

Wembley Stadium Events Protective Parking Scheme

Campus parking - Our perspective - Vinci Park


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