Parking Forum

The Parking Forum engages with all UK Parliaments and Assemblies, as well as politicians in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


  • be recognised as the source of expertise for anyone with an interest in the design, economics and regulation of parking and traffic management
  • inform and influence government on matters relating to the design, economics and regulation of parking and traffic management 


The Forum will use the experience, knowledge and expertise of its members to influence debates that involve parking and traffic management matters. The Forum will actively seek to raise awareness of current issues and provide important information to help key decisions and policies made in government at both a local and national level.  The Forum will seek engagement with stakeholders who have similar objectives, with the overall aim of delivering a considered and respected voice in relation to parking and traffic management matters.

Aims & Objectives
The Forum enables the BPA to work with other organisations with an interest in parking and traffic management issues and to build consensus on these issues. It aims to: 

  • enable collaborative work to influence government policy and other decision-making bodies
  • provide a forum for representatives of external stakeholder groups with an interest in parking (even if this is not their main business) to discuss parking matters of mutual interest
  • identify major parking matters and raise awareness of these to policy and decision makers, e.g. central government, local authorities, enforcement agencies, public transport and freight operators and other key stakeholders in the wider community
  • assist in resolving conflicts in policy, and
  • promote and publicise best practice and aid further research into parking related matters.

The Forum meets three times per year and is chaired by the President of the Association. The BPA provides the Secretariat and The Forum operates under the Chatham House rule

Forum membership is made up of individuals that represent a stakeholder organisation or group which has a keen interest in parking issues. Current membership includes representatives from: central and local government, transport operators (rail, coach, bus & the servicing and deliveries sector), motoring and consumer organisations, planners, technical institutions and research organisations.  In addition, members of the BPA’s Council of Representatives and Honorary BPA members can attend too as observers.

We welcome more organisations to attend especially those who represent sustainable transport, envoronment, intelligent transport, event management, education, culture, sport and healthcare and transport manufacturing sectors.

For further information please contact David Smith.