Parking 20:20

Parking 20:20 is our vision for the future of parking. Following research we published a report which identified seven areas of focus.

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Driven by rapid technology development and implemented through policy and business, future intelligent mobility is a growing phenomenon. A vital aspect of developments is an ever-increasing integration throughout the transport profession. To be part of these developments, the parking profession must be at the forefront of future mobility and be ready to bring in its expertise and knowledge in new and innovative ways to improve the customer’s experience.

In summary, the research shows that the parking profession needs to take action in a number of different areas and that different approaches are necessary to accompany the broadness of the topic. We want to gather expertise and knowledge within the parking profession and share best practice with its members. This allows the whole profession to benefit from developments in the area of future mobility.

The current focus is on four key work streams - EV charging; Data, Apps and Payment; Shared Mobility; and Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV). Champions have been assigned to each workstream and current progress is as follows:

2018 promises to be an exciting year for parking with a huge raft of opportunities for our sector and we are at the leading edge of future developments. We continue to help our members prepare for the future and identify where new technologies can deliver improvements and create a truly mobile society where everyone benefits.

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