Park Mark Plus



Park Mark Plus is a new and comprehensive assessment to demonstrate the highest quality of today's modern car parks in services, operations, design and build.  To achieve the award car parks must demonstrate a wide range of responsibilities:

  • Low crime and measures in place to ensure the safety of people and vehicles
  • Meet Disabled Parking Accreditation criteria for disabled parking bays
  • Structural integrity
  • Environmental credentials
  • Good management and operations
  • Exemplary customer experience


How does an assessment work?

Park Mark Plus is an elite award, achievable by only the highest quality car parks and will only be awarded to facilities that pass the mandatory requirements of the Safer Parking Scheme, Park Mark Award and the standards of acessibility for disabled customers to qualify for the Disabled Parking Accreditation.

The additional criteria are assessed and scored, which means that through positive features, characteristics and management a car park can obtain the necessary pass with a combined score to achieve Park Mark Plus.


What is measured under the additional criteria?

There are a number of ways the additional criteria can be demonstrated:

Structural integrity - a life care plan; fire risk assessment; pedestrian walkways;

Environment - the availability and number of electric charging bays; energy saving equipment; air quality monitoring; green spaces;

Design - innovative architecture, design or theme; internal styling;

Management & operations - a customer charter; vehicle guidance system; help points; payment options;

Customer experience - wider bays; family friendly facilities; plants or artwork; mobile phone coverage; car valeting.

This is not a definitive list, there are more ways the additional criteria can be met.  To find out more download the Park Mark Plus leaflet.

Download leaflet


The cost of obtaining Park Mark Plus per car park is set out below assuming no mandatory awards are held: 

PMP fees 1 

If the car park has already been awarded Park Mark and/or DPA then the relevant fee for that assessment will not be charged for until reassessment.  If PMP is applied for at renewal date then all fees will apply.

N.B. If the applicant does not have any Park Mark awarded car parks, there will be an additional annual membership fee of £70.

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