Park Active

Encouraging more people to park, walk and cycle to build healthier communities for all

Park Active is a new initiative promoting and raising awareness of active travel across the UK by:

  • encouraging people to use peripheral parking sites that are cheaper and more accessible 
  • encouraging more active travel options such as cycling and walking to reach their destination 
  • helping reduce traffic and freeing up central parking for short stay shoppers and blue badge holders
  • helping reduce congestion and improving air quality in town and city centres.
  • providing more space for social distancing and freedom of movement

The BPA is leading Park Active with input from stakeholders and support from government and wants to mobilise the parking community behind the initiative as a part of the Positive Parking Agenda.

Up to 10 cities and towns across the UK are taking part in a pilot scheme to demonstrate the feasibility of Park Active. The project scope also includes the development of a campaign toolkit to promote and raise awareness of Park Active both locally and nationally. The pilot programme will result in a national framework and guidance to enable the implementation of Park Active sites anywhere.

To find out more about Park Active and to get involved please complete our form or email us