The Safer Bus Station Scheme was officially launched in January 2016.  Following in the successful footsteps of the Safer Parking Scheme, it is a national accreditation that provides operators of bus stations, bus interchanges and coach stations an opportunity to improve security and display to their customers their desire to reduce crime and disorder.

As bus terminals can be very busy places at times and our transport networks are to become more integrated in the future, being part of the Safer Bus Station Scheme is a clear indication of forward planning with customer service in mind.

The assessment criteria are very similar to those in the Safer Parking Scheme.  For a bus station to achieve the accreditation it is assessed by an accredited police assessor who looks at the physical aspects of the station and a BPA area manager who checks that the right management practices are in place.

The specific assessment areas are:

  • A passenger perception survey
  • Management practices
  • Surveillance
  • Crime statistics
  • The design and maintenance of the bus station

The passenger perception survey is unique to the Safer Bus Station Scheme and provides valuable feedback to the operator.  Should customers feel there are areas that could be improved upon then management can act quickly to resolve any issues.

The police assessor takes into account the crime statistics at the site; these must be lower than those in the surrounding area.  This will communicate that there is a safer place for people to be should they feel uncomfortable waiting for a bus a little further away.

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