On 15 May 1970, the British Parking Association officially became an Limited Liabilty Company (LLC).

When British Parking Association was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee, the initial subscribers had to define the objects of the Association.

In the fifth edition of the BPA newsletter in October 1970, this was included:

"The Memorandum and Articles of Association of the British Parking Association Limited have been approved by the Board of Trade and we are now a company limited by guarantee and not having a Share Capital. Copies of this document, which in effect our constitution, are being sent to all members. Prospective members can obtain a copy from the Secretariat."

The Memorandum of Association is principally concerned with the objects of the company, whilst the Articles of Association lay out the ways in which the company many conduct its affairs. The format and content of both documents have to comply with a legal framework which has been closely drawn by a succession of Companies Acts.

This edition also announced that the Association had just taken their 100th member – actually an overseas company called NV Natoma from The Hague, Holland.

1970 Membership Prices

 Member Band Subscription Fee 
 Commerical Full Members        £15 0s 0d
 Municipal Full Members £10 10s 0d
 Private Members £2 0s 0d 
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