The Queen’s Speech announced that hospital car parking charges will be removed for those in greatest need.

In 2015 the UK Government published guidance for NHS Trusts in England stating that concessions, including free or reduced parking charges or caps, should be available for groups such as

  • disabled people
  • frequent outpatient attenders
  • visitors with relatives who are gravely ill, or carers of such people
  • visitors to relatives who have an extended stay in hospital, or carers of such people
  • carers of people in the above groups where appropriate
  • staff working shifts that mean public transport cannot be used

Other concessions, eg for volunteers or staff who car-share, should be considered locally.

We support this guidance because we worked with our NHS Trust and parking operator members and government to inform it and we will work with them again to ensure any new law is practical and workable. 

We do not believe that all hospital car parking should be free. Providing, managing, patrolling and maintaining safe parking for car park users at healthcare facilities costs money and we believe that limited NHS funds should be focused on providing healthcare and patient services.

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