We all know that the parking sector is undergoing a major transformation. But how does the BPA ensure it stays relevant in a rapidly changing world where an estimated 38 million journeys are made every day in the UK alone? And with each of those vehicle journeys beginning and ending at a parking space, the demand for parking management and the need to focus on providing a memorable experience has never been greater.

While the BPA’s mission and vision have been well embedded for some time, the broad range of activities we are involved in is not always obvious or well known to the outside world. Our influence stretches far and wide as we engage with multiple organisations, campaign on key issues of importance and develop innovative initiatives to continually deliver excellence far beyond parking.

That leads us nicely on to a brand new project. And what an exciting journey it’s been!  What started as a desire to place the BPA at the heart of an evolving and increasingly dynamic mobility landscape has evolved to become an opportunity to challenge and change perceptions about who we are, why it matters and how our members are making a difference.

The medium is video, more specifically animation. We take viewers on a journey covers different scenarios and a changing landscape. Throughout, the message is clear: effective parking management creates seamless journeys which are memorably less stressful and aided by technology that helps find spaces more quickly and makes payments easier. The video communicates how members are at the forefront of research and technological innovation, determined to help create a safer & less congested world.

Campaigning to raise standards, assessing and auditing car parks and providing knowledge and guidance on electric vehicles, sustainability, and accessibility are all covered as we navigate through a modern world and onwards, into the future.

The future is bright and as we approach our 50th anniversary, it feels absolutely right to shout loud and proud about how the BPA and our members are making things better for people and communities.

We hope you enjoy the video. Tell us what you think media@britishparking.co.uk