We have campaigned for a solution to the issue of dangerous pavement parking for some time and we 100% support our colleagues at Guide Dogs, Disabled Motoring UK, Local Government Association and Living Streets. Here are some of the issues they have been addressing:

 No Parking on the Pavement

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association have also put together a very creative way for you to email your support to your MP -   “Pavement parked cars force people into the road to face oncoming traffic, which is especially dangerous for people with sight loss who are left feeling scared and reluctant to go out. Outside of London it’s the norm that drivers can legally park on pavements. We want to make this the exception”. You can take part in this email campaign for change by clicking here.

Guide Dogs also conducted a survey which found that 97% of blind people have had problems with obstructions and 90% of these have been because of cars parked on the pavements. A study into the attitudes of parking also revealed that 17% of drivers admitted to parking on the pavement once a week or more often, and that 21% of drivers did not think that parking on a pavement constituted as dangerous driving.

Disabled Motoring UK have also published their own policy about a potential nationwide ban on parking at dropped kerbs, on the pavement and double parking.  They state that they would like to see people being issued with a penalty charge notice (PCN) if they obstruct a dropped kerb or block a pavement as it is anti-social, can be illegal and both the highway authority (usually the council) and the police can and should take action. You can read more about Disabled Motoring UK policy on parking on pavements here.

Living Streets is calling for the UK Government to bring changes to the law for legislation to make it easier for councils to control pavement parking. They state that we should all be able to walk on pavements without worrying about cars and vehicles blocking our way. They have also conducted research in 2014 which revealed that 73% of people aged 65 and over said that pavement parking was a problem in their local area. You can read more here.

The Local Government Association (LGA) has also called for local authorities to have the same powers as in London and calls for a ban on parking on pavements throughout the country. They state "Councils in the capital have been able to ban pavement parking for many years and it seems a nonsense that local authorities outside London remain unable to do this."

The LGA, which represents more than 370 councils in England and Wales, are calling for councils to have more powers to introduce bans if needed. This will help free up pavement parking congestion and stop pedestrians especially the blind and parents with prams from having to step out into busy roads and risk their lives.

These safety issues have been raised to LGA by community groups such as residents in Essex which have warned it "is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or even killed". Also childminders in Worcester have highlighted the dangers of pushing prams around parked cars and guide dog trainers in Shropshire have raised concerns. To read more about The LGA’s views click here.