We have produced a short video that takes you through the steps that you should take if you receive a parking ticket.

Driving is often quicker than taking public transport and appears less expensive, or a cost we are willing to bear for convenience and independence; we like to park our cars right outside our houses; we know the place we want to visit, and are familiar with car parks close to our destination.

There are often more cars entering a town or city centre than there are parking spaces, so time limits are put on the spaces we park in. Charges may apply, encouraging us to park only for the time we need and to manage demand with supply and manage a consistent and regular turnover

Overstays or parking in the wrong bay often means a penalty ticket is issued. This can be placed on the windscreen or sent through the post and the notice will state the reason why we have received the ticket. This isn’t to scare us off and stop us parking there again, it is to encourage us to take heed of the terms and conditions in the car park and ensure future compliance.

If terms and conditions for parking are not obvious or don’t exist, then you may find the car park is not such a nice place to park. Cars may be parked across multiple bays taking up more space than they need, or parked all day, preventing you from making that all important visit to the doctor or shops.

If you do receive a ticket this may be a Parking Charge Notice, from a private operator, or a Penalty Charge Notice, from a local authority, this is dependent on where you have parked.

In most cases, the ticket will have been issued correctly, but there may be a reason for contesting it.

Simple, right?

Perhaps, but unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation on the internet about parking tickets. Some websites and forums will say ignore it. If you do, the cost could increase. Some websites will attempt to explain what action you should take but it can be confusing to anyone without some basic knowledge about the management of parking, or do not know about how or where to direct their appeal.

Fear no more!

We are committed to raising standards in parking management and providing motorists with a better experience, but also ensuring that motorists have the right advice about parking tickets.

Our Know Your Parking Rights website provides information on why parking is managed, who by, what to do with a parking ticket, how to find good parking as well as information on parking signs.

To make it even easier we have now produced a short video that takes you through the steps you should take if you receive a ticket.

Please watch the video and share it with your colleagues, friends and family so that no one misses out. The important thing is to not ignore a parking ticket and always ask for advice if you are unsure.


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