Have you heard about the new app which allows landowners or an agent on behalf of the landowner the ability to alert enforcement agents of illegally parked cars on their land?

It took the media by storm and what I’ve found interesting is the media’s reaction to it. They all like parking stories and it is not a surprise when they are on the side of the motorist but this story resulted in some mixed messages:

  • The Sun, along with many other news sites, was clearly against the app, calling people using it ‘busybody snoopers’. Read the story here
  • The Telegraph provided a more balanced view; although only providing a quote against the app and the word ‘snitch’ in the title hinting at their opinion. Read the story here
  • The Mirror demonised parking operators instead of the people using the app and started ranting about Theresa May. Read the story here

What are our thoughts?

It is not surprising that much of the media got the story wrong, most of them writing that anyone could use the app, when in actual fact it is only the landowner, or an agent acting on behalf of the landowner that can register and use the app.

Is it wrong then for a landowner to manage their land? Surely it is reasonable for a landowner to decide the terms for who uses and accesses their land.

Just because you have a car does not give you the right to park it wherever you like.

If you owned land yourself would you be happy with someone parking on it? Think about your drive or the kerbside outside of your house. There is a clear need to manage land and it is up to the landowner how they do that.

New technology can prove popular, especially when there is a need and it provides a solution. So rather than judge it yet let’s wait and see if it works well.

Admittedly, this app is offering a little incentive, but the photo uploaded to the app is just evidence of a contravention and all evidence should be examined by an Operator or enforcement officer before a ticket is issued.

What are your thoughts?

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