Monday Musing- Election time!!!  


The New Year always brings new announcements and here at the BPA we are no exception, as we are delighted to announce that a new election season for our Council of Representatives is on the horizon. So please have a look at the fictional conversation that follows for more details:


Why should I get involved? Put simply, Council sits at the heart of our work and influences long-term strategic direction by advising and holding the BPA Board to account. As members, you have a real opportunity to shape the direction of your Association, particularly as you are elected for three years. Three years really? Yes  


What roles are available? There are 13 positions up for election across a variety of membership groups including, Local Authorities, Operators, Regional Groups, and an Individual member representative. For specific information please visit the May 2020 Council Elections page on our website.


Ok, I’m interested what do I do now? You have until midnight on 15th May to submit a nomination consisting of a 500-word candidate statement, a picture and a telephone number (for internal BPA use only) to Also, please specify which position you are applying for, as candidates are limited to one nomination.


Ok, so I’ve nominated myself, what happens next? Great. So, for any position with more than one eligible candidate, we will hold an election. We will distribute the nomination statements and details of how and where to vote to the respective electorates (the people in that membership group are the electorates) via email, with the voting window closing on the 31st May. If there is only a single candidate, they will be elected unopposed. Successful candidates will be announced during the first week of June.


If you have any questions, please email And Good Luck!!