It’s our 50th birthday!

Our Association is 50 years old today – and we have a remarkable story to tell!  It’s astonishing to think how far we have come and that from a small group of passionate and driven professionals with the courage to create the British Parking Association, we’ve grown into the leading professional Association for our sector. 

There is no doubt that the parking sector will evolve faster over the next 10 years than it ever has before. We are already seeing the impact of key sector drivers such as data, technology, and the environment, and changing consumer preferences. Our leadership will remain key to advancing knowledge, raising standards and professionalism.     

We anticipated celebrating our 50th anniversary very differently, but it has been humbling to see how the BPA community has come together to focus on the immediate and significant challenges arising from COVID-19. 

For 50 years we've been making things better for the motorist and now we’re looking beyond parking to a brighter future.