Government request our thoughts on how to improve electric vehicle charging

The government is keen for the customer experience of charging an electric vehicle (EV) to improve.  The Department for Transport Minister Rachel Maclean MP has written to the BPA inviting us to give our initial thoughts on:

    1. What steps are being taken to improve the consumer experience when using public electric vehicle charging network?
    2. Specifically, what are the barriers that may be preventing progress.

More specifically the government would like EV charging to be as easy as buying petrol:

  • Allowing payment by card - not require downloading an app or smartcards
  • Data being openly available
  • Improve reliability – avoiding many chargepoints being out of action, and
  • Transparent pricing – sell as pence per Kwh similar to petrol pricing

Please send your comments to  by 19 June.

This is a rare opportunity for BPA members to help shape the formal consultation on ‘improving the EV charging consumer experience’ which is due later this year.