Government announces British Standards Institution will develop new Code of Practice


We are pleased to see the government's announcement that will progress the Parking (Code of Practice) Act 2019.  Importantly, this announcement includes the introduction of a new independent appeals service.

The British Standards Institution has been appointed to work with industry and consumer groups to develop the new Code of Practice and it has been asked to consider mandating a 10 minute grace period for all motorists across Britain.

We are delighted that government has listened to our calls to back a single Code and the need for an independent appeals service, although it remains to be seen whether the British Standards Institution will become the Standard Setting Body and audit compliance.

We have led the way with the first Code of Practice, created in 2007, which continues to set the standard for the industry.  We introduced the first independent appeals service, POPLA in 2012 and a 10 minute grace period across Britain in 2015 for private parking, aligning our AOS members with local authorities in England.

We will continue working with government, stakeholders, landowners, parking operators and consumer groups in order to create a single, mandatory code that delivers a positive outcome for all.

Government's press release here.

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