bpa conference 2018 web


The first release of the BPA Annual Conference programme is now available and here are just a few reasons why you should come along this year:

  • The Department for Transport will take a leading role as we build on the success of previous years, to deliver an engaging day of interactive and collaborative learning and knowledge sharing
  • Following the opening address, the day will kick off with an interactive session on air quality and emissions
  • Mid-morning you will have the choice of two streams with topics ranging from Digitalisation, Payment Behaviour, Positive Parking in Action and Persistent Evaders
  • Andrew Higginson, former Executive Director at Tesco, Non-Executive Chairman of Poundland and Chairman of Morrisons, will be sharing his thoughts on the radical reshaping of the high street, how online shopping will impact the way we use our cities, and how we might prepare our organisations to cope with the changes ahead
  • As one of the UK’s leading energy suppliers, E.ON will outline their commitment to renewable and sustainable energy source
  • International Brand Expert, Rita Clifton will conclude the days programme, with a session on leadership, corporate reputation, innovation and communicating sustainability


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