23 October 2017 - Monday Musing: Why we have produced a video on what to do if you receive a parking ticket

We have produced a short video that takes you through the steps that you should take if you receive a parking ticket. Driving is often quicker than taking public transport and appears less expensive, or a cost we are willing to bear f... read more

18 October 2017 - Telegraph deliberately misleads public regarding £1 coin and parking machines

The British Parking Association (BPA) is frustrated by the article published by The Daily Telegraph on Monday and in other newspapers since, regarding the roll-out of the new £1 coin.  We said that where motorists are expected to... read more

16 October 2017 - Monday Musing: With great power comes great responsibility

Data, data, data. Organisations are inundated by data every day, from sales, to clicks on websites, and the people entering a car park. Individually, the data points may seem random, but, with the right tools, the millions of data points ma... read more

04 October 2017 - Remember legitimate Parking Charge Notices are NOT sent by email

The British Parking Association (BPA) is aware of a fake email ticket scam purporting to be from one of its approved operators, UK Parking Control Ltd. The fake email tickets contain links to photos, payment options and to appeal.... read more

02 October 2017 - Monday Musing: Invest to impress

We all want to improve, whether to move up the ranks, or to impress someone, or perhaps instead it is to make your current role easier. Investing in yourself can boost confidence, enhance your credibility at work and make us more creative. ... read more

25 September 2017 - Monday Musing: Which government controls what?

I read an interesting article on devolution the other day and the confusing landscape it is causing for the public in Wales. Huw Edwards spoke on the 20th anniversary week of devolution and called for the media to do more to explain who is... read more

19 September 2017 - Supporting the 3rd Highways UK Event

We are pleased to be a supporter of this year’s Highways UK which returns to the NEC on 8th/9th November with more content, more exhibitors and more delegates. This is a major event for the people and organisations involved in the planning... read more

18 September 2017 - Monday Musing: What do we know about technology in parking?

During the past several years, the use of technology has accelerated in the parking and transportation industry. As the number of cars on our roads rises and cities struggle with congestion, diminishing space and increasing concerns over ai... read more

11 September 2017 - Monday Musing: The new ten is arriving in 3 days!

Only three days until the new polymer £10 note is issued! The first £10 note was introduced in 1759. The white note was issued to help maintain the Bank of England’s gold reserves. The idea was that people could use these new... read more

04 September 2017 - Monday Musing: Creating Parking News

Next month it is the 48th year of Parking News, recently we have seen some bold designs and a change in the content. Published 11 months of the year, it takes a lot of work to keep it a must read for anyone working within the parking profes... read more