Earlier this year Local Government Minister Rishi Sunak MP praised our Association for our constructive support and leadership in the development of the Private (Code of Practice) Bill, which aims to enable the creation of a single code of practice for private parking facilities and provides a great opportunity to reduce confusion around the application of multiple codes, rules and appeal services.

We are now pleased to see that Sir Greg Knight, MP has tabled amendments to the Bill which brings it in line with our established lobbying position.  The Bill now provides a legislative framework for a single standard-setting body, single code of practice and now a single independent appeals service. This is good for parking operators, consumers and stakeholders and paves the way for better consistency and consumer confidence in the management of parking on private land.

Click here to read the tabled amendments by Sir Greg Knight, MP.

Our Chief Executive Andrew Pester says: “We fully support Sir Greg and the government on this Bill, and continue to use the collective strength of our not-for-profit association to inform and further build on our relationships at the heart of Westminster and beyond. We continue to follow Brexit developments but it’s important to recognise that this Bill has strong cross-party support and we need to maintain our focus on delivering the best outcome for our sector because, irrespective of the evolving political context, we are confident that there will be future legislative developments.”

We join with Sir Greg in calling for all MP’s to support the Bill as it progresses through Report Stage to Third Reading and through the House of Lords.  The Bill is scheduled to receive Royal Assent, potentially by Easter 2019, at which point the government will be able to commence its consultation on the details of a new code of practice. 

As we move towards the creation of a single code backed by the law it is essential that we remain focused on working closely with government and all our key stakeholders (including consumer groups) to help ensure a positive outcome for all.