BPA welcomes progress of Private Parking Bill

The Parking (Code of Practice) Bill had its Third Reading on Monday and was supported by government and approved by Parliament. The Bill now aligns with the BPA’s calls for a legislative framework that enables a single standard-setting body, a single code of practice and a single independent appeals service and is good news for motorists and the parking sector.

Parliament rejected amendments designed to shorten the time available to develop the Code of Practice. We supported this move as it is essential that once the Bill becomes law, a robust consultation is followed to help ensure the future Code is well informed by our members, practical and delivers the desired outcomes. The Bill now moves on to the House of Lords and received its first reading on Monday 26th November in its journey towards Royal Assent. This is expected next Easter when the hard work of developing the final code starts.

Local Government Minister Rishi Sunak was joined by fellow MPs Neil O’Brien and Rachel Maclean in praising the BPA’s constructive support and leadership in the development of the Bill, which provides a great opportunity to reduce confusion around the application of multiple codes, rules and appeal services. 

Andrew Pester, BPA Chief Executive said: “We welcome this Bill and the agreed amendments tabled by Sir Greg Knight, which chimes with our call for a standard-setting body, a single code of practice and a single independent appeals service. This framework provides a unique opportunity to deliver greater consistency and consumer confidence.

"As a not-for-profit association, we are focused on working closely with government, members and consumer groups to push for a positive outcome for all.”