28/02/2017 - Paying for parking no problem for motorists as machines upgraded to accept new £1 coin

The new £1 coin launches one month today and the parking sector is busy carrying the necessary upgrades to existing parking payment machines before the new £1 coin is launched, says the British Parking Association (BPA). The BPA has be... read more

27/02/2017 - Monday Musing: Finding a parking space

We have been working with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency to advise motorists of how they can avoid stress and wasted time (and wasted fuel) when trying to find a parking space read more

13/02/2017 - Act NOW: nominations still open

The Council of Representatives provides an important and unique opportunity for BPA members to represent their peers in the parking community.  Do you want to join the UK parking profession's most distinguished and influential forum for... read more

13/02/2017 - Monday Musing: I ticket, you ticket

Have you heard about the new app which allows landowners or an agent on behalf of the landowner the ability to alert enforcement agents of illegally parked cars on their land? read more

08/02/2017 - February issue of Parking News out now!

The February issue of Parking News is out now and available to view online here (member log-in required). In this month's issue, discover ways in which you can help the BPA raise money for Marie Curie(our supported charity), explore the futu... read more

06/02/2017 - Monday Musing: Could this be the first bill passed with parking in the title?

The private members bill, the Parking Places (Variation of Charges) Bill, has been batted around since June last year. Finally in the last few months we have seen significant movement and further details of the Bill have been released.  It i... read more

03/02/2017 - Independent Scrutiny Board closure threatens standards

The BPA warned government that standards would be under threat should the Independent Scrutiny Board for Appeals Service (ISPA) no longer be viable. ISPA is funded by members of the BPA’s Approved Operator Scheme to ensure fair and transparent ad... read more

01/02/2017 - Legitimate Parking Charge Notices are NOT sent by email

The British Parking Association (BPA) is aware of a fake email ticket scam purporting to be from some of its approved operators, UK Parking Control Ltd and CPS Enforcement (Northern) Ltd. read more

01/02/2017 - Motorists spend nearly four days a year looking for a parking space

The average motorist in the UK spends nearly four days every year (91 hours) looking for parking spaces, according to new research from the British Parking Association (BPA). read more

30/01/2017 - Today’s data will assist tomorrow’s discoveries

Your mind works more like Sherlock Holmes’s than you think, we rely on data to do all sorts of things; check our travel time, improve our businesses, decide where to go on holiday. Data is important. read more