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The police, politicians and parking professionals came together for what’s been described as the most significant meeting of minds to tackle the behaviour of nuisance motorists hell-bent on evading the law.

It was standing room only for last month’s landmark meeting in Westminster, hosted by Stephen Lloyd MP. The National Roads Policing Intelligence Forum, data analysists, local authorities, industry experts and others, gathered together to discuss what can be done to address this widespread issue, affecting every community in the country, and better understand what legislative change is needed. 

It’s believed that this group of motorists – persistent evaders – owe local authorities across the UK more than half a billion pounds in unpaid parking charges and failures to comply with road safety laws. BPA member Penham Excel Ltd, who are leading on this ground-breaking research, believe the problem far exceeds anything previously imagined. 

Penham Excel Director, Alan Wood, described the event, “The energy in the room was incredible with every person in attendance agreeing we must do more to tackle this problem. There is a solution, and we will do all that we can to significantly reduce this problem by enabling the lawful seizure of vehicles belonging to persistent evaders, wherever and whenever they are identified.” 

The group at December’s roundtable discussion has agreed to:

  • Support pilot studies to tackle persistent evaders with local councils in and out of London
  • Identify potential joint-venture operations
  • Review the existing legislative powers
  • Identify data and intelligence that can be shared.

Please look out for all the latest on this campaign, as first featured in the September Parking News and again in Politics First, as we encourage the public to support moves to tackle this problem.

Further information can be found in the joint report from Penham Excel and Nuisance motorists in our communities.